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Ovens and Kilns

CFW industrial ovens are suitable for operating temperatures of up to 900 °C. Industrial oven plug fans can also be supplied separately. These units are suitable for industries ranging from the pharmaceutical and paper drying industries to food production. Both batch drying and continuous models can be produced to conform to customer specifications.


We also offer replacement parts and excellent after-sales service. Contact one of our sales engineers for more information.

Industrial convection furnaces and ovens require robust fans to circulate the air evenly and reliably, to process large amounts of material as quickly as possible. Often temperature fluctuations must be kept within a very narrow range.

Industrial ovens have a wide variety of applications:

  • Drying: Many products are washed and must then be dried. Ovens (also known as kilns in this context) are used for completely removing surface liquid when air knives cannot dry items to the required standard.
  • Burn-off: Another kinds of cleaning application, in which combustible materials are removed from metals by incinerating them.
  • Curing: Substances may need to be heated to achieve a desirable chemical reaction. In powder coating, for example, the required characteristics are achieved through curing. Transformer curing is one of the applications CFW ovens are made for.
  • Preheating: Various substrate materials are heated as a preparation for coating.

Our units are designed to produce the correct air distribution of hot air and gases for optimal drying, curing or baking. Both direct and belt drive models are available, with AC powered motors. The fans are robustly constructed from certified mild steel with stainless steel impeller blades. Vibration and temperature monitoring equipment is available for close control, particularly in product testing applications. The fan is equipped with inlet cones to produce an even airflow to the impeller, reducing noise and maximising efficiency. A full range of included accessories (turbulence dampers, ducting etc.) is available for establishing the required airflow patterns.

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