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We create controlled climate environments, safeguarding your industrial processes from dangerous air pollutants. From industrial ventilation, to temperature & humidity control, dust / fume extraction, pressurisation of factories, HEPA filtration down to 0.2 microns, and large environ air-cooling, CFW Environmental is a leading climate control specialist for the mining, food production, power-generation, industrial processing, marine, agriculture & commercial sectors.


CFW Environmental holds a respected market position in air technology systems and applications in Southern Africa. We handle complete turnkey projects – from design to manufacture and commissioning. Our air systems include the full range of industrial air technologies: industrial fans, ventilation systems, cyclones, scrubbers, air-knives, air curtains, pneumatic conveying, filter units, reverse pulse filters, dust collection units, evaporative air coolers, wetwalls and more.


Our solution-driven sales approach and exceptional after-sales service has gained CFW the reputation of being a company that stands by its products. The innovation and production of high quality products that can withstand the rigours of the modern industrial duty has been an essential building block in our success. CFW is also highly committed to safety in the workplace.


CFW have gained extensive experience over 50 years in dust extraction and pneumatic conveying systems. This includes Reverse Pulse filters, Cyclonic and Venturi scrubbers, incorporating explosion panels and spark detection systems. We service all types of industries. We specialise in the particle board manufacture process, including MDF manufacture.


CFW Environmental are South African leaders in air technology systems and applications. We design, manufacture and commission state-of-the-art environmental control and industrial process air systems.

CFW Environmental Overview

CFW Environmental is an air systems engineering company, part of the CFW Industries group established in 1966. We focus primarily on large turnkey projects, and manage the entire development process, from design to manufacture, installation and commissioning. CFW has extensive experience in fan and air technology engineering. The industries we serve include the mining, power generation, industrial processing, agricultural, marine / fishing, poultry, commercial and HVAC sectors. We serve the industrial process air market with systems for:



CFW Environmental is committed to innovation and the production of quality products that can withstand the rigours of modern industrial duty. Our quality control department establishes and maintains quality management systems and procedures adhering to ISO 9001 guidelines, and our QC system is audited annually.

Our way of establishing and maintaining the highest standards is based on the following principles:

  • Customer focus: We are dedicated to understanding and meeting both present and future customer needs and, where possible, surpass their expectations.
  • Continual improvement: CFW is always striving towards perfection, both in the development of its products and its overall performance.
  • Rigorous research: We base our product lines and management on concrete experience, systematic research and painstaking analysis.
  • A systems approach: While there are often many possible solutions for an application, the best-performing system will ordinarily need to take all variables into account.
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships: Suppliers and their clients depend on each other to create value.

Our solutions-driven sales approach, combined with dedication to after-sales service, has gained CFW the reputation of being a company that stands by its products. Developing optimal solutions to ensure customer satisfaction is our highest priority.


CFW Environmental seeks to promote environmentally responsible business practices, and our air pollution control products reflect this. We are committed to manage our environmental impact thoughtfully and reduce the negative effects of human activities on the environment. This involves:

  • Complying with environmental regulations,
  • Designing and manufacturing industrial pollution control systems and robust, energy-efficient air technology systems,
  • Designing with the product life-cycle in mind, in order to maximise the long-term cost-benefit of our systems,
  • Conducting our operations in an environmentally sound manner, along with continuous improvement programs and the integrated practice of systems optimization,
  • Using advanced control and monitoring technology for maximum efficiency,
  • Product testing to international standards in our airflow laboratory,
  • Recycling, reusing and reducing consumption and waste wherever possible,
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees, clients and suppliers.


CFW Environmental is a company in the CFW Industries group, established in South Africa in 1966 as Continental Fan Works. The CFW Industries group is recognised for excellence in the African air technology industry, with solutions ranging from industrial fans ( CFW Fans ) to industrial ventilation, process air systems and air pollution control ( CFW Environmental ) to electro-mechanical processing systems and autocatalyst production equipment ( CFW Projects )

The CFW group has factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with combined manufacturing facilities exceeding 20,000 m². CFW has a wealth of professional design experience and our fan systems are designed and manufactured according to international standards. Our solution-driven sales approach and commitment to exceptional quality and after-sales service results in a brand you can trust with your critical air systems infrastructure. CFW Industries’ core competencies encompass:


At CFW we strive to manage our resources to positively impact our environment. 

To this end, we:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation pertaining to our manufacturing processes
  • Offer energy-efficiency optimisation & control, and monitoring systems for virtually any fan or blower application
  • Design products for durability and low maintenance
  • Emphasise a systems approach to design so as to take all engineering factors into account
  • Manage our operations so as to recycle and reduce consumption wherever possible
  • Seek to promote an attitude of environmental sustainability within our workforce

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At CFW Environmental, we are passionate about engineering and believe in delivering durable, quality products. The cheapest solution in the short term often ends up being much more expensive in the long run. We seek to build strong relationships with clients that have a similar business philosophy.

If you want an industrial air system backed by 50 years of expertise in technical design and manufacturing – one that works as required, operates efficiently, and is built to last – then CFW is the right choice for you.