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Industrial Fans

CFW supplies a variety of industrial fans for any application, whether standard or custom models are required. They are constructed from durable materials such as corrosion-resistant galvanised steel and aluminium. A variety of blowers and centrifugal fans, including high-efficiency and material handling models, are also available. For further information, see

Industrial fans and blowers need to supply large gas or air flows to industrial processes, ranging from 5.7 to 57000 m³/minute. They are called blowers where flow resistance is mainly on the downstream side of the unit. Their uses include combustion, exhaust, ventilation, cooling, drying, aeration, scrubbing and transport. Such processes are needed by industries that include the petrochemical, cement production, mining and metal manufacturing / processing industries.

Centrifugal fans generate air streams outward from rim of the fan wheel. In this case, the unit usually has a fan housing shaped like a nautilus shell, with an outlet from which the airstream emerges. A hole at the centre of the housing draws in more air. Axial fans move the medium along the axis of rotation of the fan wheel. Centrifugal designs are usually used where higher pressures are needed, while axial fans are used where high flow volumes are the main consideration.

Our axial fan designs include

cost-effective building ventilation fans
reversible (bi-directional) impeller designs
heat-resistant and high-temperature use fans (for hot smoke extraction and temperatures up to 200 °C)
abrasion-resistant aerofoil fans for dust extraction
Our centrifugal fans and blowers include:

high-pressure blowers with efficiencies of up to 80%.
backward-curved and MPI fans for clean-air and light pneumatic conveying applications, able to handle temperatures of up to 550 °C.
radial-blade fans for demanding industrial applications such as material handling, with a self-cleaning blade design and relatively high discharge velocities.
Many kinds of accessories and options are available, depending on the fan. These include sound attenuators, mounting feet, inlet cones, flexible connectors, dampers, wire guards, fibreglass weather cowls, and variable-speed drives (VSDs). Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant coatings can be applied.

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