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Food Storage Temperature and Humidity Control

CFW supplies air technology for the controlling food storage environments, including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, monitoring equipment and ventilation systems. We have a proven record of excellent customer service, providing tailor-made control systems or supplying units and parts.

To make food products last as long as possible, storage conditions have to be right. Both temperature and humidity levels influence the rate at which food will decay. In general, low moisture levels are preferred, because insects and microorganisms flourish in moist conditions. On the other hand, excessively dry environments can cause some products to crack or harden to the point at which they become unmarketable. Similarly, high temperatures cause the breakdown of nutrients such as vitamins, moderate temperatures provide conditions suitable for bacterial growth, and temperatures that are too low often affect the taste and texture of the product.

Proper storage ensures quality, prevents waste, and maintains hygiene and food safety for a long shelf life. Contact us for further details or browse further to see some specific applications for which we provide storage solutions.

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