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Evaporative Coolers

CFW presents a range of robust evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) for your home, workplace or industry. We supply the Easycool C-series, an efficient and environmentally friendly system using natural means to bring comfort to your home or place of work. A variety of installation options are available. We also stock replacement high-quality cooling media from HuTek. Please visit for more information.

Evaporative air coolers use the phase change of liquid water into water vapour to cool air. The technique is popular because it is more energy-efficient than closed-cycle refrigeration. This efficiency, as well as low installation costs, may result in costs that are as much as 75% lower. No dangerous or patented refrigerants are required and repair costs tend to be low, involving only a few parts. Since these coolers add moisture to the air, they can also make very dry environments more comfortable and reduce problems involving static electricity. In addition, evaporative coolers with an adequate CFM rating ventilate very effectively, exchanging the air in a house almost entirely every three minutes.

They are less effective on comfort levels when humidity is high and may therefore be less suitable in areas with summer rainfall. Other problems may also result from the increased humidity, including accelerated corrosion and damage from water condensation. They require a consistent water supply to operate. The need for water means that regular draining may be necessary. Hard water may leave minerals deposits on the unit that must be dealt with, and in low temperatures problems may arise from ice.

Apart from improving the comfort of a building’s occupants, evaporative coolers may also be used to cool equipment to increase operating efficiency and for confined animal farming or greenhouses.

Evaporative coolers are rated in m³/s or in CFM. To ensure that the unit you choose will be up to the task, calculate the space that needs to be cooled in cubic feet and divide this number by two to find the rating you require.

CFW Environmental has carved a distinguished career in the manufacture of industrial fans and evaporative coolers since its establishment in 1966. Our policy is to ensure customer satisfaction by supplying competitively priced quality products backed with excellent after-sales service.


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