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Dust Collectors

CFW offers several high-quality fabric-type dust collectors suitable for a wide range of air volume requirements. The standard units come with needle-felt fabric filters. These are preferred over standard woven fabrics for most applications, since they allow for higher airflows and the collection of finer particles. Custom solutions may be required for dusts that are abrasive, combustible, sticky or otherwise difficult to handle.


Many industrial processes require dust collectors to remove particulate contaminants from the operating area, whether to comply with air pollution control regulations, for the safety of workers or to prevent damage to products or machinery. CFW dust collectors are designed as compact and economical solutions with high efficiencies.

In general, it is best to acquire the biggest unit in your price range. The marginal price of a bigger unit tends to decrease for mobile dust collectors. Oversized fans cause fewer problems than undersized ones, especially since pressure drops and airflow patterns have to be taken into account when calculating whether a given unit is sufficient for a task. The same holds true for any ducting connected to the unit: larger ducting will mean less air friction, which implies that the larger air volumes can be handled for a given level of fan energy use.

These units are available in power ranges from 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW and with units fitted with 1-4 bags. The more powerful standard models are available as free-standing units only.

Since collection efficiency depends on airflow, CFW has paid close attention to fan design, an area in which we has led the market since its establishment in 1966. The direct-driven centrifugal fans that are used have impellers of durable cast iron. A variety of accessories such as flexible hose tubing, hoods and sheet-metal ducting can also be supplied with the unit. Contact our sales engineers for more information.

We offer three ranges of dust collectors:


Two models, the M150 and M200, are available. These units are ideal for situations where units are temporarily required, layout flexibility is critical or where it is possible to save on capital costs by using the same unit in different areas at different times.


CFW’s W150 and W200 wall-mounted dust collectors represent CFW’s most compact standard solution for saving space in modern factory environments.


CFW’s free-standing units collectively offer the widest range of possibilities for operation at different pressure/volume levels. There are four standard units: FS1, FS2, FS3, and FS4.

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