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Drying Rooms / Dry Rooms 

CFW offers drying rooms as well as a variety of temperature and humidity control equipment and parts for use in such rooms. Our systems can be designed to operate at any scale, from domestic to industrial. We offer a diverse array of fans and both refrigerative and desiccant dehumidifiers (see Consult our sales engineers for further information on our products and services.

Where items can take a long time to dry or where moisture is particularly problematic, drying rooms are used. Drying rooms serve a wide variety of functions. Small drying rooms are used for domestic or commercial purposes to dry items such as:

  • Painted furniture and objects
  • Work overalls, firemen’s gear and equipment used in rainy or muddy conditions (including military equipment)
  • Laundry in hotels, cabins and professional laundries
  • Dried food and flower production on a small scale

The operating costs of drying rooms are often lower than for tumble dryers and they also put less stress on clothes fabrics.

More specialised dry rooms are built to clean room standards for

  • Laboratory production of pharmaceutical products (specialised drying rooms)
  • Lithium-ion battery production

These rooms must be designed to be vapour-tight.

CFW offers many options suitable for different applications. To reduce ambient humidity in drying rooms, they may be equipped with dehumidifiers or heaters, and exhaust fans. Solar energy can often be used for heating. In addition, drying cabinets, benches and coat hooks may be included, depending on the application.

Adequate ventilation is necessary to remove smells where clothes have been soiled by mud and to remove humid air from the room. CFW’s extraction fans are ideally suited to this task, and a full range of accessories can be included.

Where heating is needed for faster drying, heat pumps and heat recovery systems can be installed. We also offer humidity and temperature control systems with humidistats or hygrometers and thermostats can be installed. In cold weather, desiccant dehumidifiers can be used.


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