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Dairy Products Processing Climate Control

CFW offers temperature and humidity control equipment for dairy processing operations. Our equipment includes electrical systems and instrumentation that are made in-house, enabling us to offer superior after-sales services.

In producing powdered milk and other processed dairy products, inappropriate temperatures and humidity levels can lead to reduced productivity or quality. Humid air can limit capacity when it enters machines such as spray dryers and reduces evaporation rates, and caking can occur during storage. Too much heat can present problems for food safety and make it difficult to control consistency. Cool and dry conditions are preferable for a high-quality, safe product.

Dairy manufacturers increasingly need more efficient production and lower costs to compete in the global market. In addition, greater concentration on high-value products, such as low-fat products, often requires manufacturers to apply stricter operating conditions.

Various processing machines and areas can benefit from environmental control systems.

The drying systems are some of the more costly equipment used in the dairy industry because of their high energy consumption. Just as the greater demands made on the manufacturer’s productivity and standards require reliability, increasing energy costs requires greater efficiency. In humid ambient conditions, this can be difficult to achieve, particularly when ambient temperatures are high as well. With adequate dehumidification, the risk of product contamination by mould or pathogens is reduced while high evaporation rates are maintained and condensation prevented.

Pneumatic conveying systems are another example. Since the whole principle of pneumatic conveying requires contact between the bulk material and the gas in the conveying system, the product can easily reabsorb moisture if the air in the conveying ducts is too humid.

To ensure that cheese is completely dry before packing, a desiccant dehumidifier can be used. This method has the advantage of not raising the temperature of the cheese.

CFW’s engineers have extensive experience of resolving the issues around ambient conditions that arise in food processing. We work closely with customers to offer the necessary advice, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, to ensure that they can maintain the necessary quality and economy in their production operations.

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