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Cyclonic Grease Filters

CFW is an industry leader in air technologies. Our high-efficiency grease filters run quietly and economically, taking most ventilation filter concerns off your shoulders. They are easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher and will remain efficient for an extended period. We also offer ventilation and cooling solutions, parts and fans suitable for the kitchen environments, including fire-safe products. These include both standard and custom designs. Control your airflow accurately, cleanly and efficiently with CFW’s filters.

Commercial and industrial kitchens commonly use cyclonic grease filters (also known as cyclone grease filters) to remove the vapour and grease from exhaust air in extractor hoods. Fat and grease build-ups in ducts and on ventilation fans can present a hygiene and fire hazard. The amount of grease from cooking fumes deposited in in the kitchen and ventilation system depends on the kind of food cooked, the cooking temperature and the equipment used. A hot, noisy kitchen filled with cooking vapours or subjected to draughts can certainly be a difficult place to work, especially when space is limited.

Adequate grease removal systems make for a better kitchen environment by:

  • Removing unwanted odours and improving hygiene
  • Improving staff morale by creating a more pleasant working environment
  • Reducing the amount of cleaning needed, thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Promoting fire safety by preventing fat build-ups in ventilation ducts

The air enters the filter through a slot with baffles, having been drawn in by a high-efficiency extractor fan. The grease is directed towards the sides of the cyclone through the centrifugal force and then drained to the bottom of the filter unit, while clean air is exhausted back into the kitchen or removed from it.

This type of grease filter is usually manufactured from robust stainless steel and small particles of grease down to 5 microns can be removed. A cyclone design increases the time during which the vapour is in the filter, improving the removal efficiency without unduly affecting the system pressure. At the same time, it is not subject to clogging. Ideally, it should function as part of an extraction unit tailored for a specific kitchen, since the right sizing and configuration of the ventilation and extraction systems is a key factor in keeping operating costs down. When professionally installed, a cyclonic grease filter system can be cost-effective and hassle-free, with considerable flexibility for the most effective use of limited space. The cleaned air can be fed into a heat recovery system for further energy savings.

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