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Cleanroom Environmental Control

CFW offers climate control equipment and services for clean rooms, ranging from dehumidification and FFUs to complete turnkey projects. We also undertake cleanroom ventilation. A complete range of fans, filters and monitoring equipment is available. Bespoke units can be provided on request. Our systems are designed, manufactured and installed according to customer specifications.

Various industries, such as manufacturing facilities for delicate electronics, require an environment in which the number of airborne particles is kept within strict limits. Cleanrooms, designed for optimal removal of small particles and the prevention of additional contamination, are used for this purpose. Different clean rooms have different maximum allowable particle sizes.

Such environments naturally demand ventilation systems designed to purify air as much as possible before introducing it into the room, generally with the use of HEPA or ULPA filters. Many clean rooms require the entire ceiling to be covered by HEPA filters.

The ventilation system must also ensure that the clean air is introduced evenly and in sufficient volume, so that there are no stagnant areas where particles may accumulate and cause future problems. This means that there must be a high number of air changes per hour, varying from 10 to more than 750. Positive pressure should ordinarily be maintained so that any leaks cause air to exit rather than enter the clean room. However, some rooms may be designed with negative pressure to contain potentially hazardous substances or pathogens.

Many cleanrooms require cooling throughout the year. Activities undertaken in the building, and the fan operation at the high air velocities required, add considerably to the thermal load of the room. In addition, workers often wear cleanroom clothing over ordinary clothes, resulting in potential discomfort. Stable temperatures are also important for the correct functioning of sensitive equipment and materials.

The humidity of cleanrooms is a further consideration. Humidity must be kept within limits for human comfort, to avoid condensation and corrosion problems, and to prevent static build-up.

CFW has long experience in climate control and will consider all relevant aspects of the building envelope, ventilation system and cleanroom standards to engineer a suitable system for your application.

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