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Food and Beverage Processing Climate Control

CFW Environmental has offered turnkey environmental control solutions for the food production and food processing industry for many years. Our systems include the necessary electrical panelling, instrumentation and controls. With the right humidity and temperature, you can look forward to improved productivity and consistently high quality for your products. We also provide HEPA filtering down to 0.2 microns.

CFW supplies the products, parts and services to create the right climate for your processes. We focus on industrial food production, but also supplies equipment for commercial operations of any scale.

Food products and food production processes are sensitive to ambient conditions. The humidity and temperature must often be kept within narrow limits to ensure that the product will be safe, palatable, attractive and easy to process and package.

High humidity encourages pathogen growth and unwanted moisture absorption or adsorption. This can cause the product to stick to and clog machines and harm equipment. Low humidity can dry out the product too much, or cause “case hardening”, where a dry outer skin or shell prevents a desirable loss of internal moisture. In either case, the food item can become deformed and unattractive.

Poor temperature control can have similar consequences:

Products like chocolate or sugar can melt.
Desirable fermentation processes can slow down or stop.
Microbial growth can increase.
Water condensation or evaporation can ruin the texture of the food.
If best practices for temperature and humidity control systems are adopted, your business can expect a number of advantages regarding performance parameters:

Hygiene – adequate controls lead to lower micro-organism counts.
Energy efficiency – using the right system will save on electricity costs.
Uptime – less clogging of equipment and fewer cleaning stops mean that production can be continuous.
Minimisation of waste – production losses from spoilage and faulty products are reduced.

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