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CFW is a supplier of standard and bespoke air technologies with long experience in fan technology. We provide equipment and can help to assess your requirements or install units if required. In addition to canopies, general kitchen ventilation solutions are available. Our fans include upblast (vertical discharge) roof units in a wide range of sizes for high-velocity exhaustion of kitchen fumes. We also offer custom solutions.

Kitchen canopies (also known as extraction hoods) help to keep your kitchen clean by extracting fumes laden with odours and grease. They are doubly important in busy kitchens where cooking heat and steam take their toll on worker morale. Commercial and industrial kitchens usually fit appropriate canopies to comply with local emission and safety legislation, which may require hoods to be liquid-tight and to contain fire suppression mechanisms. Such is the case for “Type I” hoods as defined by American regulations (for “Type II” hoods, see “Steam Extraction”).

Choosing the right canopy can be a difficult task. There are many options available on the market. Typical of standard extraction canopies are elements such as baffle filters, galvanised or stainless steel construction, and drip trays. However, canopies can differ markedly in other respects. These include:

  • Noise levels: in a stressful environment, quiet operation is a great advantage.
  • Filters: Different canopy models may have aluminium mesh filters, disposable filters or cyclonic grease filters.
  • Different canopies have different types and configurations of lights added to them.
  • The air supply to the canopy can be configured in different ways. The location of the canopies and the ducting they will require are also important considerations.

The requirements for a particular hood will depend on the surge characteristics of the cooking process. Strong and steady plumes, devices that rarely produce plumes except when opened, and devices such as hamburger griddles that sporadically produce greater plumes (e.g. when burgers are flipped) have different exhaustion requirements.

Given the vast array of options, it may be beneficial to consult suppliers with experience about the differences between units.

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