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  • Industrial Ventilation CFW specialises in large-scale ventilion for the industrial and commercial sectors. We have provided general ventilation for a large number of companies across the world.
  • Factory Ventilation CFW's engineering experience shows in the care we take to provide the ventilation solution with the lowest possible lifetime costs.


CFW undertakes commercial and industrial ventilation projects of any scale. We provide fans, ducting, extraction equipment and filters. Our engineers will design new ventilation systems or modify existing ones for maximum efficiency and performance.

Many environments and applications require ambient fresh air for health and safety. Ventilating a space can remove contaminants like dust, bacteria and noxious gases as well as water vapour and explosive or flammable fumes. It also helps to control air temperature by removing heated air and circulating air, thus promoting evaporative cooling. Mildew is less likely to grow in a well-ventilated space.

Air may be internally circulated within buildings or exchanged to the outside. The rate at which transfer occurs is expressed in cubic metres per second, CFM (cubic feet per minute) or in complete air changes per hour. Adequate ventilation is critical to maintaining reasonable air quality.

While natural ventilation is sufficient in many cases, mechanical ventilation is often needed for sufficient air exchange and to ensure adequate control of air velocity, humidity levels and temperature.