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Bread Pan Drying and Drying Trolleys

CFW provides air knife systems suitable for pan drying, as well as a range of other drying systems. Dust extraction systems to remove flour can also be installed. Custom solutions can be designed and produced, so that a wide variety of applications and configurations can be catered for.

trolleys with bread pans

Pan handling systems are just as important to operating efficiency at modern industrial bakeries as baking is. Bakery trays, including bread, sheet and bun pans, need to be dried as efficiently as possible after washing to prevent contamination problems and prepare them for re-use. Today, bakeries often have inline, automatic systems for drying after depanning or before panning.

Drying machines usually use air knives, brushes, vacuum nozzles or some combination of these technologies to dry the pans. Blower-driven air knives can considerably reduce the costs incurred by using compressed air. Where energy costs are less important than total elimination of surface liquid, drying ovens can be considered.

In some cases, pan cleaning operations can be designed to be entirely dry, using only the drying techniques mentioned, the costs of dealing with waste water can be avoided as an added benefit.


Drying trolleys for a full range of applications are also available from CFW. These represent a versatile, portable and sturdy solution that can be customised to suit specific needs.