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Drying and Curing Systems

CFW Environmental offers a broad range of drying, curing and conditioning equipment. We focus on industrial production, but can make dryers for applications of any scale, from drying cabinets for biltong drying to transformer curing ovens. We also provide industrial and domestic dehumidifiers to provide a more comfortable and productive environment.

CFW transformer curing oven

CFW’s expertise in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, as well as decades of experience in the area of industrial drying, mean that we are well-equipped to deal with issues such as case hardening, minimising drying times, taking ambient conditions into account, etc.

The types of drying technology which CFW uses include air drying, heating and the use of desiccant dehumidifiers. Depending on the application, we can produce systems that use various energy sources for any heating that may be necessary, including gas, coal or wood fuel burning, conventional electricity or solar power.