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Storage Temperature and Humidity Control

CFW provides custom services for selecting, producing and installing appropriate solutions for controlling ambient humidity and temperature for many kinds of storage. We undertake projects from a domestic to an industrial scale. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, fans, evaporative coolers, humidistats and monitoring systems are available. Bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications can be supplied.

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All kinds of materials deteriorate over time. Organic materials such as food, paper and leather suffer from chemical degradation such as oxidation, as well as mould infestation and the influence of bacteria. Others can erode, crack or corrode owing to the stresses they are subject to. Valuable documents and other kinds of records in archives can be deformed as they expand or contract. Metal in equipment corrodes.

When materials are stored in conditions with inappropriate or rapidly fluctuating temperature and humidity, the rate of many such processes increases. The right equipment to maintain appropriate ambient conditions is essential for complete artefact or food storage solutions.

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