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Wet Scrubbers

air pollution scrubber

For controlling particulate emissions and gaseous pollutants, CFW offers tried and tested wet scrubber technologies. CFW Environmental has developed and installed both cyclonic and venturi scrubbers to handle materials that include gypsum, silica sand, wheat dust, sugar dust, cornflakes, as well as dusts from mining processes.

Scrubbers remove impurities from gas streams as a form of air pollution control. Wet scrubbers make use of a liquid solution with which the gas comes into contact, while dry scrubbers use little or no moisture.

Increased contact time, and the use of nozzles and other devices to increase the surface area of the liquid, improve the performance of wet scrubbers.

Wet scrubbers are often used as a last resort in high-moisture or sticky applications or where there is a danger of a spark setting alight a bank of filters. Applications include all types of dust removal (the scrubber is mostly positioned after driers or furnaces where the moisture content is high, e.g. sugar dust processing).

Wet scrubbers have the following advantages:

  • They can remove both gas pollutants and particulate matter.
  • There is a reduced fire and explosion risk compared to other control methods.
  • They can handle moist gases laden with dust, and at elevated temperatures.
  • Particulate matter cannot escape once collected.
  • Relatively little space is required.

CFW provides the following types of scrubber: