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  • dust extraction
    dust extraction

    CFW provides industrial dust extraction and collection for any environment.

    We provide baghouses as well as smaller free-standing dust collection units.

  • Filtration for any application
    Filtration for any application Many possibilities are available depending on client needs. We provide equipment for dusts that are combustible or otherwise difficult to handle where necessary.

Dust Extraction and Collection

CFW offers a variety of robust dust collectors for all types of dust control. A choice of mobile, wall-mounted or free-standing units suitable for indoor use is available. We also offer a full range of accessories: flexible hose, hoods and sheet-metal ducting.

We provide equipment specially designed for the following applications:

Our extractors have the following features:

  • Their main components are a direct-driven radial centrifugal fan and one or more needle-felt fabric-type dust bags. Radial fans are less sensitive to dust build-up. Collected dust falls into a removable polyethylene dust bag which is held in place with a quick-release nylon strap.
  • The material of manufacture is mild steel sheet which is welded, cleaned and degreased prior to application of a red oxide primer. The units are then finished with two coats of green/grey enamel paint.
  • All units are supplied with direct-on-line starters with overload and single phase protection.

About Dust Collection Applications

Dust collection systems are used for the recovery of valuable powder or granular solid matter from process air streams and the removal of dust pollutants from exhaust streams that are to be vented. Fabric filter dust collection (in a baghouse) in particular is used extensively, because a wide range of particles can be removed. Typically, one can achieve filtration down to 0.3 microns. Your particular application will determine the specifications necessary to optimize your dust collection system for the least resistance to airflow, maximum vacuum and maximum dust removal. In general, needle-felt filters yield higher capacity and can collect finer dusts, but businesses such as bakeries may prefer woven fabrics.

When selecting a unit, it is important to bear in mind that corrosive, hazardous, abrasive, sticky or other materials may need customised solutions. Please refer to our technical sales engineers for an analysis of your particular dust type and application. All pressure losses, including pressure loss from bags, must be taken into account.