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  • Air Pollution Control CFW Environmental specializes in robust, efficient dust and emission control equipment. We manufacture scrubbers and separators and can also provide the necessary filters and ancillary equipment for any particulate control application.

Air Pollution Control

CFW reverse flow filter

The modern industrial environment presents a number of health, safety and environmental concerns regarding air quality. CFW Environmental supplies an extensive array of equipment for controlling emissions of fumes, dust, steam and other processing by-products. Our commitment to energy efficiency results in further benefits for the profitability and environmental sustainability of your business.

Air pollution can take various forms, such as dusts and other particulate matter, noxious fumes and vapours, steam, and oil mists. There are a number of reasons to implement air pollution control systems in modern industries and buildings. With high pollution, human and animal health and safety are put at risk. In addition, damage to buildings and equipment can be caused by some forms of pollution. As a result, legal and industry standards may require emission control systems or specify maximum allowable limits. In some cases, pollution can have a negative impact on production processes. This can occur as production rates are reduced or product quality deteriorates. Over time, machines can begin to operate at higher noise levels, which is a nuisance for workers, or cause spurious results when monitoring and testing are carried out.

High dust emissions also have the potential to spread pathogens. All these factors create a negative perception of the producer.

Here are some of the solutions that CFW offers to improve air quality:

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