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The innovation and production of quality products that can withstand the rigours of modern industrial duty has been an essential building block in the success of CFW Environmental. Building on the foundation of decades of experience in fan design, CFW has developed a range of products for a wide spectrum of applications in which temperature, humidity or airflow need to be controlled.

  • Evaporative Cooling
    Evaporative Cooling CFW Environmental provides evaporative coolers, wet walls and pads for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • HVAC / Environmental Control Systems
    HVAC / Environmental Control Systems This stainless steel ventilation system was designed for a dairy processing plant.
  • Pneumatic Conveying
    Pneumatic Conveying CFW provided the dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system for this tea plant.
  • Pollution Control
    Pollution Control We provide an array of air pollution control equipment, such as this system which includes a reverse pulse filter and cyclone for dust collection.

We offer standard fans, dehumidifiers, evaporative cooling units and dust collectors as well as many custom products for which customer requirements are assessed. Our manufacturing capacity is backed by the personnel to offer turnkey services, and all CFW's products are backed with focussed and helpful after-sales services.

Our aim is to provide equipment that offers unmatched lifetime cost-effectiveness.