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Wood Industry

multicyclone and fan

CFW has extensive experience of supplying air moving equipment to the wood industry. We have provided dust collection and sawdust conveying equipment to sawmills and woodwork shops. CFW can provide the equipment only, supply solutions according to customer specifications or analyse the precise needs of the application. We offer fans and motors resistant to sparking and fire for improved safety.

Most people are aware of the dangers of fine dust to the human respiratory system. Sanding and shaping produce the largest amount of dust. The finer the dust, the greater the potential harm. Local exhaust ventilation using extract systems and dust collectors are the usual solution.

Working with wood also releases volatile organic compounds that may cause health problems in the long term. A wide range of activities can lead to elevated VOC levels. These include drying, sawing, pelleting, industrial barking, and storage in certain conditions. The levels of potentially harmful chemicals depend on the type of wood being worked with, ambient conditions and many other factors. Chemicals used in wood preservation and finishing also present safety concerns.

The solution is to purify the air with cyclonic separators or filters or to exhaust all contaminated air. The ideal solution will depend on the situation and costs involved.

Since sawdust and woodchips are potentially marketable products or can be processed into pellets, it is often best to collect the sawdust. In a large factory, an enclosed conveying system such as an auger system or pneumatic conveyor is often used to reduce the time and labour put into handling the sawdust.

CFW's range of services provide a complete solution for the repair, maintenance and upgrading of our systems.

The equipment we provide includes: