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Power Generation

CFW Environmental provides air moving equipment to the power generation industry. CFW has a history of reliability. Our past performance has demonstrated our ability to provide fans and related equipment which can meet the heavy demands made on power plant equipment.


CFW's diverse range of products includes

About Power Plant Air Technology Equipment

CFW products create the right environment for power station equipment by optimising airflow, temperature, pressure and humidity in various areas.

Temperature and Humidity Control in the Plant

Humidity control is most important during the maintenance and storage of equipment. Many of the items present in a power station operate at elevated temperatures, preventing condensation from forming. However, maintenance periods or seasonally low demand can lead to temporary shutdowns during which moisture can cause rust or corrosion. This can lead to high maintenance and replacement costs and, in some regions, penalties for non-delivery. The affected items may include pumps, gas turbines, boiler flue tubes and electrical circuitry.

Since these problems seldom occur unless the humidity is above 50% RH, a simple and cost-effective solution is to ensure that the air is dry enough. This will result in more predictable and faster start-up after outages. A dehumidifier eliminates the use of corrosion inhibitors that may be toxic or nitrogen, which can cause accessibility issues. In addition, coating procedures become simpler and less problematic.

A boiler may use either forced draught or induced draught fans or, in balanced draught systems, both. Balanced draught systems use airflow control to maintain a constant slight negative pressure and ensure proper, even inflow and outflow. This prevents fly ash from leaking from the furnace into the housing while minimising the entry of cold air, which reduces the energy efficiency of the boiler. In general, the pressure controller is used to change the setting of the furnace pressure controller, while the airflow controller manages the FD fan damper.