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CFW's durable and cost-effective equipment for the mining industry includes dust collector fans and other air pollution control equipment. We can also supply the ventilation and cooling fans for certain mining applications. A comprehensive range of accessory equipment is available.


CFW is a well-reputed manufacturer of air pollution control systems. The mine industry makes use of dust control systems to control emission in numerous operations. These include processing (e.g. rock crushing, mill grinding and drying) as well as many material handling operations (e.g. conveying, loading, bin venting and packaging). Dust control is used to recover product, remove fines and prevent workplace and environmental problems. CFW offers dust control equipment that includes baghouses, small dust collection units, cyclones and wet scrubbers.

Large amounts of abrasive dusts - up to several tonnes per hour - can be emitted in mining and quarrying operations. These dusts require particularly robust filters for acceptable equipment life and can cause blockages when loads are high. In some cases, particularly where the main part of the collector is close to the source, water and oil in the dust can be harmful to filter media.

Environmental regulations set strict limits on the allowable concentrations, particularly for hazardous dusts (containing large amounts of free silica, for example).

CFW offers custom solutions for heavy-duty dust collection together with the required industrial fans. Our equipment includes cyclones, baghouses and wet scrubbers.

While wet scrubbers are often neglected in mining because they are not able to handle a large range of flow volumes, wet scrubbers can have lower operating costs if recycled water is available or where it is possible to recover wet material. Since the inlet conditions and required emission level reductions are important, it is advisable to consult CFW to determine which kind of dust control system is most suitable.

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