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Industrial Processing

CFW's equipment is used in many mass production environments to supply airflow, material handling, drying and product conditioning. The fans we manufacture and supply are designed for durability with low lifetime costs. We provide a great variety of options for the best integration of air process equipment with the production line. Custom products for high temperature applications are available.


Our customers deal with a range of products that include textiles, foods and beverages, animal feed, packaging, paper and cardboard, electrical parts and pharmaceuticals. We understand that consistent, high production rates with minimal downtime are critical to any processing operation.

A wide range of processes are safer and more productive when a controlled environment is created to establish the right proper airflow, temperature, relative humidity and pressure. Some of them additionally require that contamination with dusts, other particulates and bacteria should be minimised.

We also provide some of the process technologies for certain kinds of production. These include drying and curing, cooling and product conditioning.

CFW's engineers thoroughly acquaint themselves with the conditions in which the equipment will operate. Having the electrical systems, controls and monitoring, and ducting done by CFW greatly simplifies any future servicing of the system and ensures that the system is correctly integrated with the rest of the production line.

Axial fans are common in process exhaust and cooling applications. Centrifugal fans and blowers are also used for cooling, but provide higher pressure, making them suitable for a wide variety of industrial processing. Single-stage centrifugal blowers are used when a constant airflow is needed, while multi-stage blowers are common when a constant pressure is needed, as in convection drying. Multi-stage blowers often use heavier-duty impellers constructed from steel or cast iron.

Dried air can also be provided by means of dehumidification. We provide heat pump as well as desiccant dehumidifiers.