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CFW produces fans, ducting and ancillary equipment for the HVAC industry. We have provided ventilation systems for many large buildings in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. We also undertake retrofitting for marine HVAC systems and supply cowls and other components.


Our systems are designed to provide sufficient airflow for a safe, healthy environment while minimising the lifetime costs involved. We also make systems that are engineered for the more demanding constraints imposed by process-critical HVAC applications.

CFW Environmental does not design or manufacture refrigeration equipment, elements or compressors, but such equipment can be supplied for turnkey projects if it is required.

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About the HVAC Industry

HVAC requirements vary widely depending on building size, construction, purpose and occupancy. Certain applications may require large safety margins because ventilation is critical for cooling or oxygen supply, whereas the relative importance of efficiency is greater in others. Ventilation serves to remove pollutants and provide airflow, pressure, temperature and humidity control. It can also be important for visibility in commercial kitchens where there might be steam or smoke or in fires. Factors that must be considered in specifying ventilation capacity include possible increases in future ventilation capacity requirements and measures to be taken in the event of a fire or possible exposure to hazardous materials. Consequently, capacity is usually designed for the most extreme situations and part load conditions are the norm.

HVAC plays a critical role in certain cases, such where cleanroom and pharmaceutical production is taken place. However, the system may not be able to compensate for all spillages and will not perform as expected where procedures and maintenance are not carried out appropriately.

With modern lifestyles often requiring more time spent indoors, higher population densities and more ambient air pollution, the HVAC sector is more important than ever. Better insulated buildings have also decreased the role of natural ventilation.