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CFW offers a versatile array of solutions for managing the air quality, temperature and humidity of your shop, office building or other commercial environment. CFW has serviced the HVAC and air pollution control sectors since being established over 50 years ago.

We can also provide the associated ducting, electrical work and monitoring and control systems. A number of installation options are available. If necessary, CFW will custom-design the system according to customer requirements. This generally results in simpler upkeep and a better integrated and sized system.

Apart from offering high-quality products, CFW is known for its dependable service, including repair and maintenance.

CFW's products include:

About Commercial Sector Air Technology

Office workers are more motivated to work in an environment in which they are not distracted by uncomfortably dry or humid air, extreme temperatures, draughts or poor air quality. Likewise, customers are more inclined to consider products and services when they are made comfortable.

Commercial buildings have ventilation needs that differ from those of residential buildings. Long running time and high energy loads are common. Offices, conference rooms and shops may have widely varying occupancy and cooling requirements dependent not only on the people in the building, but heat-sensitive items such as food, electronic equipment and computers. In large buildings, different areas may need different levels of ventilation at different times in order to fulfil demand without increased energy costs. Individual zones, however, may still require consistent temperatures and airflow distribution.

The climate control equipment and ventilation systems must be efficient and able to handle the load while being unobtrusive. Not only do these factors have an impact on the profits and costs of the business, but energy-efficiency is increasingly important as part of environmentally responsible business conduct. We offer the equipment and advice necessary to ensure that fans are correctly sized and that pressure drops are minimised for more efficient operation. Air curtains, heat recovery systems and variable-speed drive fans are some potential energy-saving solutions.

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