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CFW manufactures and supplies a variety of equipment for the construction industry. Our products include local exhaust and smoke control ventilation, spot cooling fans, ducting and dust collection equipment. We can also provide a number of ancillary items such as the required electrical systems and controls, dampers and other equipment.


As in any other industry, construction workers need fresh air for health, comfort and productivity, making ventilation an important part of working life. However, construction also involves a number of more specific pollution-related occupational hazards. Concentrations of respirable quartz dust in building environments are often higher than occupational exposure limits. Exposure to quartz over time is linked to lung cancer and silicosis. The risk is particularly high where grinders, drills and electric saws are used to work with material containing quartz.

While respiratory protection such as masks is often used, it may not always be sufficient on its own. Dust suppression with water is possible in some areas of a construction site but cannot be applied everywhere. For this reason, dust collectors may be used. Since the finer particles are more dangerous, it is crucial to choose a dust collector with adequate filters.

Exposure to arc welding fumes is another hazard. Because the position in which welding is done can vary, it is usually more difficult to manage this challenge in the building industry than in many others. Toxins to which welders may be exposed include hexavalent chromium and manganese.

A combination of measures may be needed, and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) has been shown to be effective when correctly used. Portable and fixed LEV systems can substantially reduce exposure to dust and fumes compared to natural ventilation.

It is important to position the hood correctly and to ensure sufficient air volume movement when using an LEV system. CFW offers a complete array of after-sales services and advice for the use of our LEV systems.