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CFW has provided the agricultural sector with a wide variety of air equipment since it was established in 1966. The equipment we supply includes ventilation fans and turnkey ventilation systems for buildings with human occupants or livestock, aeration for aquaculture and crop conditioning and storage, forage drying, meat and/or crop drying for the consumer or industrial market.


CFW Environmental is part of the CFW group, notable for its contribution to farmers and processors of agricultural products over the years. The products we have supplied include:

Dust collectors: A large number of crop and forage processing activities produce dust which needs to be controlled, and some of which can be usefully collected. Generally, those that produce involve material handling such as includes flour milling; conveying, loading and packaging processes (involving silos, bins or trucks, for example), grain drying and venting. Because of the large number of handling activities involved, dust loads can be increase through the chain of grain processing. This must be taken into account when considering the appropriate dust collector. Dust loads from seeds will tend to be lower because more care must be taken when handling seeds. However, custom solutions may be needed in seed processing because they contain oils and heating is often involved.

Drying systems: We make many kinds of drying system suitable for projects of any scale. Our drying systems include seed and nut dryers, fruit / vegetable dryers, alfalfa (lucerne) dryers, pellet drying systems for feeds and chicken compost drying.

Crop aeration: CFW provides aeration for seed and grain silos and for crops such as onions and potatoes.

Ventilation systems: Heat stress is a common problem with various kinds of livestock in hot climates and particularly affects cattle. Both effectiveness and efficiency is often impeded by poor selection of fan size and location. Since it is often recommended that at least one fan should run constantly, efficiency is of particular concern. CFW has provided ventilation systems to farmers for decades. We can provide solutions for any agricultural ventilation needs, including ventilation of feedlots, piggeries, dairy farming facilities and poultry hatcheries.