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Product Testing in Airflow Lab

CFW offers product testing for airflow in the same facility in which our own products are tested. This laboratory conforms to ISO 5801, so that you can be assured that the performance of your product is assessed in accordance with international standards.


While fans may appear to be simple devices, they are precision machines that often operate under high and variable stresses in the field. In order to ensure optimum performance, thorough testing needs to be conducted. Air performance testing involves measurement of airflow, pressure, power and efficiency characteristics. This gives an indication of what the fan is capable of under particular circumstances. The testing equipment includes a large wind tunnel and an array of mechanical and electronic measurement equipment.

The ISO 5801 standards specify tests for all combinations of ducted and free inlets and outlets (installation types A, B, C and D).

Using the results, it is possible to prevent using the fan in situations unsuited to its design characteristics. Attempting to do so can result in reduced efficiency and airflow, greatly increased noise, accelerated wear and higher maintenance costs. Operating the fan in an unstable region can eventually result in catastrophic failure.

Due to the complexity of factors influencing airflow in the field, laboratory testing cannot guarantee that the fan will perform at its maximum efficiency where it is installed. A great number of operating conditions, such as obstructions, accessories, ducting pressure drops and ambient temperature and humidity, need to be taken into account. For this reason, it is advisable to have the manufacturer or a third-party professional to assess the performance of the product in situ.

We also determine the vibration and noise characteristics of the fans. These two aspects of fan performance are closely related and relate both to whether the fan will be disturbing to people living or working where the fan is operating and to the expected life of the fan. The inlet, outlet and total sound power produced may be determined. These tests are normally performed separately from the airflow lab tests.

This testing process ensures that all the fans we develop are optimised for airflow, noise and a longer operational life.