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Engineering, Design and Development Services

CFW's engineers have extensive experience with fan design and development. We offer services related to this field for a host of applications.

Mechanical Design

CFW offers mechanical design services for a number of industries.

CFW’s capabilities start with CAD/CAM programming. Our mechanical design team includes 12 mechanical designers and all designs are done in 3D Cad (SolidWorks). Designs are created with a strong emphasis on the exact needs of clients, energy efficiency, compactness, simplicity and user-friendliness. The designers pay great attention to detail. No parts are manufactured without a detail drawing showing the drawing number, type of material, all dimensions and critical tolerances. For fast and correct after-sales services, drawing numbers are clearly indicated in our spares manual. We can then use CNC forming, CNC punching and CNC bending to produce parts.

Electrical Design, PLC programming and control and monitoring software

CFW Projects has its own electrical department, offering services including electrical design, PLC programming, panel building and wiring. EPLAN is used for designs and a high standard is maintained for electrical drawings, which are included in our spares manual. The preferred control systems for PLC programming include Siemens and Allen Bradley models. With the resources at our disposal, CFW can also provide excellent product and after-sales services.

Project Management

Because the CFW group is committed to producing the correct results on time, all sales are internally treated as a project, whether they involve a single item or turnkey delivery of a complete production line. Careful planning and resource management characterise our approach to project management.

We benchmark the quality of our equipment against the high European manufacturing standards and all exported equipment complies with European safety standards (CE).

Our in-house quality department ensures high quality on all our products. To maintain the high standard of quality, our measuring devices are calibrated on regular intervals.