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Apart from our fans and other equipment, CFW offers a comprehensive set of customer services. Our solutions aim to encompass all aspects necessary to ensure that our clients' air systems perform at their best across their lifetime. We offer excellent after-sales services and repair, retro-fitting of existing systems and various design and project services. Make CFW part of your PPM programme to ensure that your ventilation and process control air equipment continues to function optimally.

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Our knowledge base comprehends all aspects of air technology, not only the supply of equipment.

With the extensive experience we have built up over the years, we are able to identify and solve problems in integrating fans and climate control equipment into a factory. It is no coincidence that our advice on environmental control systems and associated cost savings is continually sought.

Often, many factors and variables need to be taken into account when doing troubleshooting of air systems. With a systems approach to air technology solutions, it is possible to avoid a great deal of trouble.

The sales-related services we offer include site and fan inspection, fan repair and replacement of any make of fan, providing spare parts, and after-sales servicing and maintenance. It is recommended that customers undertake regular maintenance or contract for after-sales maintenance, as proper procedures in this regard have a significant effect on the product's life, safety and efficiency. The costs of unpredictable fan failure include not only that of the parts, but can also cause serious injury and damage to surrounding equipment where the impeller is large.

Aspects of the system that are must be considered include

  • fixings
  • correct clearances
  • coupling alignment and lubrication
  • parts replacement (motors, bearings and other parts)
  • impeller balancing
  • vibration analysis
  • cleaning

Our engineers will also advise factory personnel on procedures for basic maintenance and signs of possible future problems.